IP Consult facilitates Renewable Energy Development in the Philippines

Published 11/04/2016

IP Consult is to help the Philippines deploying more renewable energy into the power grid. The win underlines IP Consult’s and NIRAS’ focus on Energy & Climate.

The German Development Cooperation GIZ has assigned IP Consult the task of helping the Philippines to develop their renewable energy (RE) resources and foster energy planning. The assignment has a duration of 2.5 years.

IP Consult’s team of six short-term consultants will support the Government of the Philippines within the GIZ programme to “Support to the Philippines in shaping and implementing the international climate regime” in three following key areas:

  1. Develop new instruments for Integrated Energy Planning
  2. Design policy mechanisms and define market structures that support the deployment of Renewable Energy (e.g. fee-in tariffs, energy auction schemes, and net metering)
  3. Integrate variable renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power into existing power grids. This calls for improved instruments for both electricity demand and supply forecasting and for demand side management.

The Philippines are one of the countries most affected by the adverse impacts of climate change. Over the past decade, tropical storms and typhoons have struck the nation more often and more severely, and scientists believe this is because of climate change. In addition, climate change is threatening the Philippines with extreme heat, lack of fresh water and sea level rise.

Because of the exposed situation, the Philippine government has adopted a comprehensive policy framework to adapt to and mitigate climate change under which this programme belongs. The first power plants using so called “emerging” renewable energy sources (especially Wind and Solar PV) are now connected to the grid.

Partner organizations in the Philippines are the Climate Change Commission (executing agency), the Department of Energy (DOE) and other actors at national and local levels. IP Consult carries out this assignment as lead partner together with iiDevelopment, a specialized company in innovative RE planning.

The assignment strengthens NIRAS position in Southeast Asia and further contributes to the establishment of our new Energy and Climate Team.


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