IP Consult joins again Germany’s Relief Coalition to help refugees world wide

Published 12/12/2017

Millions of people worldwide are currently fleeing war, hunger, violence and persecution. In Northern Europe the tide of refugees has decreased to some extent in comparison to 2015. Nevertheless the employees of IP Consult and of the NIRAS Group – having offices in Europe in Germany, Denmark, Finland, Serbia, Sweden, and Poland - unanimously still feel concerned about the fate of the refugees. Since we all work in the field of international development cooperation in Middle East and Northers Africa we know from own experience the difficult living conditions of the refugees´home countries.

We therefore have again joined this year the relief organizations of Aktion Deutschland Hilft to support these individuals as they assist them at every stage of their flight.

In Germany, the organizations of Aktion Deutschland Hilft are all campaigning on behalf of refugees. They organize accommodation for refugees and take care of unaccompanied refugees under 18 years of age. In addition, they help them looking for accommodation and work, offer language courses and also provide treatment for traumatized refugees.

In the countries of origin a number of organizations are helping by providing drinking water, food, medicine, sanitary items, clothing, blankets, mattresses and tents. In Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and in Turkey a number of organizations are distributing food and hygiene kits, clothing, mattresses and blankets. They are also supplying hospitals with medicine and providing psychosocial support. Others are providing support for refugees in the form of food, water, medicine and sanitary items in other places of the world .

Please join us.

For more information see Aktion Deutschland Hilft



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