Adaptation to Climate Change by Applying Disaster Risk Management Measures in Mozambique

IP Wave

Country: Mozambique

Client: GIZ

Counterpart Organization: Municipal Authorities of Beira, INGC (National Disasters Management Institute), Ministry of Coordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA)

Project Duration: 07/2011 - 12/2011

Due to the high susceptibility of the city of Beira to extreme events which are weather-related and are likely to occur more often in the future as a result of the change in climate (cyclones, heavy precipitations and storm surges), the city government of Beira has - together with the local population as well as with the support of INGC and MICOA - created and stabilised the conditions necessary for the implementation of risk reduction and climate change adaptation measures in those informal city districts which are especially affected by the change in climate. By means of an expansion of the local disaster risk committees and of an improvement of the coordination between the institutions concerned, both the local population and the infrastructure are to be better prepared for extreme events.

Main Services Provided:

  • Increasing the adaptability in selected city districts by strengthening of already existing disaster risk management committees and the foundation of additional committees of the same kind in cooperation with the city government. Improving the communication mechanisms in order to be able to warn the population more quickly and effectively when there is a danger of extreme weather events.
  • Awareness and brokering of information to the city government regarding adaptation possibilities and the precise implementation of first measures in the fields of coastal pro-tection, spatial planning and early warning, taking into consideration the risks of climate change. Improving the coordination mechanisms with other relevant actors (INGC, MICOA and others)
  • Providing consulting services regarding the normative clarification of institutional founda-tions necessary for the improvement of the coordination between the city government and INGC via the preparation of an expert report. Creating coordination mechanisms for Beira which can be seen as pilot mechanisms which can later be used in other towns.