Biodiversity and Climate in the Mata Atlântica - Training of Trainers: Ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change

IP Wave

Country: Brazil

Client: GIZ

Project Duration: 09/2014 - 11/2014

Value of Service: 15,000 €

The aim of this project is the preparation, implementation and follow-up of a training of trainers and a further training regarding the question of how an ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change (EbA) can be integrated into development planning. In this context, a special focus is placed on the stabilization and the creation of ecosystem services as a basis for human adap-tation to climate change. After an introduction to the topic, students apply - based on the OECD method - the Harvard Case Method to concrete examples of their work environment. This enables them to (1) deter-mine the extent of their development objectives with regard to threats and opportunities origi-nating from climate change, (2) detect vulnerabilities, (3) identify adaptation options, (4) carry out a multi-criteria analysis in order to determine the best options, (5) perform an analysis of the ecosystem situation needed for an ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change, and (6) develop an action plan in order to implement the selected options. On the one hand, the target group consists of experienced trainers with a background in climate change or biodiversity, and, on the other hand, of employees of governmental and non-governmental organizations at the national, provincial and municipal levels.

Main Services Provided:


  • Creation of training materials that are adapted to local circumstances
  • Implementation of the trainings in Brazil
  • Compilation of training reports and a post evaluation report including the lessons learned
  • Preparation of a proposal for further coaching of the trainer pool