Climate Change and Adaptation Initiative (CCAI): Training on Climate Change Adaptation Planning Toolset for CCAI Local Demonstration Projects

IP Wave

Countries: Laos Cambodia Thailand Vietnam

Client: Mekong River Commission

Project Duration: 08/2014 - 04/2015

Value of Service: 26,000 €

The purpose of this assignment is to prepare, implement and follow up four three-day trainings on the Climate Change Adaptation Planning Toolset for CCAI Local Demonstration Projects. The toolset will be implemented in one local demonstration project per country, namely Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lao PDR, and consists of five steps to systematically main-stream adaptation to climate change: (1) Scoping; (2) Vulnerability Assessment; (3) Identification of Adaptation Options; (4) Selection of Adaptation Options; (5) Development of an Action Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change. The target group of the trainings are development planners, pursuing to use the proposed methodology in their demonstration projects. The manual has, however, a broader target group, being aimed to be implemented both at project, local, provincial, and national level. For all events, the Harvard Case Method is used during the training courses in order to raise the participants’ awareness of the adaptation needs and options step by step in five modules as well as to put them into practice.

Main Services Provided

  • Implementation of the training courses in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Lao PDR
  • Writing of a manual on the CCAI Climate Change Adaptation Planning Toolset, adapted to the regional context
  • Preparation of additional training material, adapted to the local context
  • Writing of final reports and summary of training material