Comparative Research on Business and Industry Cooperation in TVET in ASEAN

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Countries: Cambodia Laos Philippines Thailand Vietnam Myanmar

Client: GIZ

Project Duration: 11/2018 - 07/2019

Value of Service: 116,868 €

The objective of the assignment is to conduct a comparative empirical research on business and industry cooperation in TVET in ASEAN Member States (AMS) within the BMZ-funded and GIZ-implemented RECOTVET programme.

More specifically, this research:

  1. provides a comparative analysis of the current state of affairs of business and industry cooperation in TVET;
  2. identifies the opportunities and challenges in moving the cooperation with business and industry in TVET to the next level, and
  3. identifies existing cooperation practices that can be potential applicants for the “ASEAN business award on inspiring practices in skills development”.

The primary focus of the research is on the macro level, such as on collaboration between the national TVET systems and business membership organizations. The assignment also includes the collection of “inspiring” practices, which focuses on industry or company-driven initiatives such as in-company training with link to the formal TVET systems in ASEAN.

The research covers six target countries in-depth, which are the CMLV-countries, Thailand and The Philippines. The other four AMS countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore) are included in the desk research on inspiring practices only.

The primary target audience of this research are the governments of the AMS. The aim is to inform the authorities in the AMS in their policy making process in regard to TVET and more specifically to support them in improving the labour market relevance through enhanced collaboration between the TVET systems and business and industries.

The secondary target audience includes the ASEAN Secretariat, business membership organizations and stakeholders such as development partners, international organizations and NGOs with an interest in supporting TVET and business collaboration. This includes specifically GIZ/RECOTVET that is commissioning this research to be better informed on the state of affairs, as well as achievements and challenges in TVET-business collaboration, and the bilateral programs of GIZ in AMS.

The findings of the study were presented at the 9th Regional Policy Dialogue on TVET (24-25 June 2019) in Bangkok, Thailand.


The services provided under this contract are qualitative research on the topic of business/industry engagement in TVET in ASEAN. The focus is primarily on six countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam; Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar). The research involves both secondary research and primary research through country-visits and qualitative data collection.


  • Inception report 
  • Publishable research which includes an executive summary and bibliography
  • Overview of 30 inspiring practices led by business and industry operating in ASEAN for RECOTVET’s reference and internal use

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