Competitiveness and Environment (3rd Phase) –Implementation of the National Waste Management Concept

IP Wave

Country: Costa Rica

Client: German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

Counterpart Organization: National Waste Committee (Comisión Nacional de Desechos)

Project Duration: 10/2009 - 03/2012

During the first phase of this programme, in which IP Consult were involved as well, the National Solid Waste Plan was prepared, the elaboration of a law for integrated waste management was accompanied by the consultants and an instrument for the elaboration of municipal waste plans was prepared. The main aim of the third phase of the programme “Competitiveness and Environ-ment” is the development and implementation of a proposal for a methodology supporting the capacity building process for the key stakeholders involved in the implementation of the products from the first phases of the programme. The approach is based on the principles of promoting sustainability and the ownership of the stakeholders, allowing a maximum participation and “learning by doing”.

Main Services Provided:

  • Analysis of the capacity-building demand and the potentials
  • Integration and creation of national networks with links to regional networks
  • Development and execution of capacity development measures
  • Systematisation, academic support and monitoring of the capacity development measures

IP in Costa Rica

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