Credit Line Appraisal for Energy Efficiency

IP Wave

Country: Philippines

Client: KfW Development Bank

Counterpart Organization: Land Bank of the Philippines

Project Duration: 06/2008 - 06/2008

Within the framework of a new initiative the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development is supposed to finance more projects in the field of climate change mitigation. In order to achieve this, funds from the Federal Ministry for the Environ-ment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety coming from the sale of CO2 certifi-cates will be made available at short notice. In this context, the German Development Bank KfW is planning to provide a nationwide credit line for the promotion of energy efficiency and climate protection on the Philippines. KfW’s partner is the Land Bank of the Philippines who is supposed to transfer the funds made available to the credit us-ers. Possible credit users could be private industrial firms, cooperatives, public institu-tions (municipalities, public utilities, public utilities associations) or public-private partnerships.

The appraisal of the technical framework conditions and the sector framework cond-tions for the credit line was assigned to IP Consult. 

Main Services Provided:

  • Investigation of the general framework for investments in energy efficiency
  • Relevant legislation
  • Basic conditions of the national energy and the industrial sector
  • Activities of other donors
  • Possible CDM potential
  • Analysis of the target group
  • Analysis of the Land Bank of the Philippines
  • Credit Line design recommendations from technical point of view