Decentralized development and investment planning - Project evaluation and appraisal of a new project

IP Wave

Country: Laos

Client: Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Counterpart Organization: Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) / Department of Planning (DoP)

Project Duration: 05/2014 - 06/2014

Value of Service: 26,000 €

Conceptual, substantive and organizational implementation of a project evaluation of the LM-RED project and appraisal of a new project. The critical analytical review via the assessment of the achievement of objectives and the impacts of the ongoing project is combined with a preview on the design of the future project (strategic development, concept). Furthermore, the results of the interim audit of the NU-IRDP (Northern Uplands – Integrated Rural Development Program) are included in the formulation of the new project.

Main Services Provided:

  • Mission management and coordination of the consultant in the evaluation of the LM-RED overall project.
  • Responsibility for the topic "Decentralized development and investment planning."
  • Evaluation of the components n° 2 (Decentralized development planning) and n° 3 (Economic development in rural areas) of the LM-RED project.
  • Design of the follow-on project including stakeholder mapping, the impact model, the capacity development strategy, and an impact system.
  • Proposal of target regions (together with the partner) taking into account synergies with development areas of other Technical Cooperation (TC) and Financial Cooperation (FC) projects.
  • Incorporating the results of the NU-IRDP interim evaluation into the formulation of the new project.
  • Development of a program proposal regarding the field of action n° 3 of the brief assessment (Pro-poor development planning and investment management with the participation of the target groups).