Drinking Water and Sanitation in Small and Medium-sized Towns

IP Wave

Country: Burkina Faso

Client: KfW Development Bank

Counterpart Organization: Ministry of Agriculture, Water Construction and Water Resources (MAHRH)

Project Duration: 10/2009 - 04/2013

Burkina Faso is characterised by a rising demand for drinking water, weak human, material and financial resources, a weak institutional framework and a transition period in the decentralisation and deconcentration of the drinking water sector. The project supports the national office for drinking water and sanitation (ONEA) in the execu-tion of its programme called: “Drinking Water and Sanitation in Small and Medium-Sized Towns located in the South-west Region and the bordering regions of the Mouhoun Basin”. The ob-jectives and content of the programme have been defined based on a feasibility study by IP Consult in a consortium with another consulting company.

The project consists of: 

  1. the rehabilitation and extension of the existing drinking water supply   installations 
  2. the dissemination of latrines and private wash sites combined with pit   drainage 
  3. accompanying measures

Expected Results: 

  • Construction, rehabilitation and extension works on wells and existing drinking water supply installations
  • Improvement of knowledge and experience concerning the population’s attitude towards the quality of drinking water and hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Improvement of the population’s practices regarding water consumption and the related hygiene
  • Capacity building of all stakeholders who play important roles in the water supply sector (planning, programming, management and sustainable maintenance as well as manage-ment at the user level)
  • Capacity building in the fields of construction management for the communal stakeholders, for the deconcentrated government agents assisting the communes, and for the stake-holders defending the water consumers’ interests
  • Execution of improved sanitation infrastructure like latrines and wash sites combined with pit drainage