Economic Development via e-Governance

IP Wave

Country: India

Client: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation through GTZ

Counterpart Organization: Ministry for Communication and Information, MCIT

Project Duration: 11/2008 - 10/2010

The aim of the overall project is to enable a large number of small and medium-sized enter-prises to avail themselves of business opportunities within the framework of e-governance and e-business.

The Indian government gave the Department for Standardisation and Quality Control (STQC) of the Indian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology the mandate to make a significant contribution to the concept and the quality management for the design of e-governance structures. In this context, the German Technical Cooperation GTZ provides con-sulting services to STQC, and IP Consult were entrusted with the implementation of the training and consulting package (regarding short-term experts) which is addressed to the STQC staff.

Here, IP Consult collaborate with several acknowledged experts who provide training and con-sulting services in the following fields:

  1. eGovernance – Processes 
  2. eGovernance – Security 
  3. eGovernance – Quality 
  4. eGovernance – Tests 

Altogether, more than 30 operations and trainings are scheduled in India and Germany IP Consult is responsible for the components 3 and 4.