Egyptian-German Private Sector Development Programme – Value Chain Improvement in the Environmental Technology Sector (here: Plastic Recycling)

IP Wave

Country: Egypt

Client: German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

Counterpart Organization: Chamber of Chemical Industries

Project Duration: 12/2009 - 01/2012

Value of Service: 400,000 €

IP´s involvement focuses on the promotion of small and medium enterprises in Egypt. The Value Chain Component in the Environmental Technology Sector - plastic recycling and plastic processing entities being the main target groups - started in December 2009 and was concluded in January 2012. The main outcome of the component was to improve the framework conditions for the plastic recycling companies with regard to legal aspects and services available and that companies apply productivity enhancing as well as environment-protective and work-safety increasing measures.

The design of the component centred on provision of technical assistance to a number of NGOs and national or-ganizations to have informal plastic recycling enterprises formalized. The project defined the partnership settings, namely with the Plastic Division of the Chamber of Chemical Industries (CCI) and with a NGO, named SIMA, which was a business development service (BDS) provider. Specific locations, namely Ezbet El Nakhl, Alexandria and Shoubra El Kheima were the clusters where the target group or informal recycling entities were located and were the services were provided.

The overall goals of the programme are increased energy efficiency and improved working conditions for the sector. The conceptual approach was based on the existing value chains. The Consortium’s efforts primarily aimed on improving the framework conditions for micro-enterprises.

Major achievements were


  • the analysis of value chains in the plastic recycling industry
  • a gap analysis
  • technical and managerial training for SMEs
  • the improvement of the formalisation procedure for SMEs
  • improved access to business development services
  • procedural and tax issues of formalization