Feasibility Study on the Construction of a Vocational Train-ing Centre in the Construction Trade

IP Wave

Country: Egypt

Client: Sawaris Foundation

Counterpart Organization: Onsi Sawaris, Cairo Egypt

Project Duration: 02/2008 - 07/2008

For a private industrial foundation in Egypt, we have compiled a concept study on the construction of a vocational training centre for semi and unskilled workers. We have prepared a detailed modular concept for vocational and further training for various trades in the construction sector (e.g. masons, concrete workers, welders) and made plans for the entire infrastructure of the centre, complete with workshops, class rooms and an administration wing. In addition, we have done the outline planning for the sophisticated architectural implementation of the concept.


  • Comparative Analysis of vocational training institutes in Egypt
  • Development of a modular concept for vocational and further training
  • Development of quality management and certification system
  • Plans for the centre's infrastructure
  • Plans for the centre's equipment
  • Architectural implementation (preliminary planning)