This is a small sample of the many projects in which IP CONSULT has been or is involved. If you are interested in more project references of the NIRAS Group please click here.

Investment Programme Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Phase 3 - Capacity Building Measures for TVET Institutes Staff


The investment program “Higher Education and TVET Program, Phase 3” will provide support for Ethiopia's vocational and h...

Innovations for Agricultural Productivity – Arsi (IFAP-Arsi)


The German Government launched in 2014 the global initiative „One World no Hunger“. The global program „Innovation centr...

Support of the National and Vocational Education and Training Strategy of the Government of Ethiopia


Phase 3 of the Higher Education and TVET program is a continuation and extension of the TVET investment programme phase ...

Support to Public Service Reform in Egypt


The objective of the project has been defined as: “The capacities of MSAD and CAOA for the sup-port of modernising human...

Study on an Innovation Voucher Pilot Project in Indonesia


Innovation vouchers are an instrument financed by the public sector for the promotion of technology transfer from privat...

Result-based Financing in Rural Energy Supply

Peru Bolivia Mozambique Bangladesh Tanzania Uganda

1.4 billion people worldwide still lack access to electricity. The GIZ programme “Energising Development” (EnDev) promot...

Investment Programme "Technical and Vocational Education and Training - Phase II and Capacity Building Measures for TVET Institutes Staff


The consultant is responsible for the technical assistance component of the Ethiopian-German Financial Cooperation measu...

Teacher Training and Capacity Building of School Directors


The government of Kosovo has defined education as one of the priority sectors for the devel-opment of the country and a ...

Promotion of Centres of Excellence within the Framework of the Vocational Training Reform in Kosovo


The aim of the project is the continued improvement of the employment orientation and the efficiency of the vocational t...

Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy


The Brazilian government has initiated a series of programmes to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources....

Economic Development via e-Governance


The aim of the overall project is to enable a large number of small and medium-sized enter-prises to avail themselves of...

Feasibility Study on the Construction of a Vocational Train-ing Centre in the Construction Trade


For a private industrial foundation in Egypt, we have compiled a concept study on the construction of a vocational train...

Palestinian - German School Twinning Programme


The project has its focus on the further promotion of the Palestinian –German cooperation in the education sector. The P...

Promotion of Training and Services within the Range of modern Technologies - Component 4


The program consists of four components:

(I) Network for training and services, 
(II) co-operation with the private sect...

Promotion of Training and Services within the Range of modern Technologies - Component 3


The program consists of four components:

(I) Network for training and services, 
(II) co-operation with the private sect...

Industrial Efficiency and Pollution Control Programme (IEPC II, Phase II)


The development challenge for Indonesia is to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) improve their environmental ...

Knowledge Management Audit in Health Policy


The knowledge management audit to be implemented is concerned with the health policy cycle of the Department of Health w...

Introduction of cooperative (dual) Vocational Training in the Construction & Building Sector


Component 3 of the bilateral vocational training program in Egypt targets establishing suitable qualification instrument...

Promotion of Technological Information Centres for SMEs

Brazil Chile

The project has its focus on the promotion of technology-transfer between Brazilian and German small and medium-sized en...

Media Development Initiative in the TVET Sector


Globalization and the association of Egypt with the EU (to be finalized in 2010) requires not only skilled workers but a...

Concept Study "Development Policy in Baden-Württemberg according to Foreign Trade Considerations"


As part of the expert appraisal, a contribution was made to a concept for development co-operation of the State of Baden...

Promotion of the National Environmental Technology Center in Curitiba / Paraná


The objective of this consultancy project consisted primarily of improving the know-how of the national environmental te...

Training Center for Women


The project offers young women and girls the opportunity to acquire vocational training and qualification in a rural set...

Promotion of the Telecommunications Sector


This project contributes to the improvement of the employment and income situation in unprivileged economic areas. The o...

Wood Technology Center


In the Technology Center São José dos Pinhais near Curitiba, a model training college for the wood-processing industry i...