Final evaluation of the project to support wood value chains in Nicaragua (CAVAMA)

IP Wave

Country: Nicaragua

Client: European Union (EU)

Project Duration: 05/2017 - 10/2017

Value of Service: 22,384 €

The CAVAMA project supports the wood value chain in Nicaragua pointing out how to improve key weaknesses with a multi-level approach, involving the various public and private actors. It is implemented through 4 components that address the issues of for-est governance (Comp. 1), an incentive fund for commercial forest plantations (Comp. 2), the qualification of human resources of the value chain on all levels (Comp (3) and increasing the competitiveness of SMEs in second transformation of timber (Comp. 4). Its main counterparts are INAFOR / FONADEFO, MIFIC, MEFCCA and INATEC. Components 1 and 2 are implemented by INAFOR through the programme-estimates modality, Components 3 and 4 have been implemented by GIZ through the mechanism of delegated cooperation. The general coordination of the project has been assigned to INAFOR.

The objective of the mission is the independent and balanced final evaluation of the CAVAMA project's performance, and to derive from these findings recommendations for the successful planning and implementation of new interventions by the EU.

The ROM reports (results-based monitoring) and the Mid-Term Evaluation report from July 2016 constituted the starting point for this Final Evaluation. After the study of secondary documentation and based on the evaluation criteria formulated in the ToR, the evaluation team conducted workshops and semi-structured interviews based on pre-formulated sets of guiding questions. The responses of the protagonists in these events constitute the main basis for the analysis and formulation of the findings and recommendations.

Main Services Provided:

  • Team leading and coordination of the mission in Nicaragua
  • Editing the final report