From Education to Employment “E2E”– Youth Skills Development and Private Public Partnerships in Serbia

IP Wave

Country: Serbia

Client: Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC)

Counterpart Organization: Swiss Cooperation Office in Belgrade (SCO)

Project Duration: 01/2016 - 12/2019

Value of Service: 5,840,266 €

The Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) assigned IP Consult (Part of the NIRAS group) to implement the project “From Education to Employment: Youth Skills Development and Private-Public Partnerships in Serbia” (the “E2E Project”) starting in January 2016 till the end of 2019. The E2E supports evidence-based development of youth employment policies in Serbia and facilitates employment and learning opportunities for young people in Serbia. E2E provides work-based learning of skills required on the labor market to help young people to find a decent job faster.

The E2E is a partnership between the Government of Serbia and the Swiss Government that builds alliances between public, civil and private sector involved in youth employment. SDC has given the mandate to IP Consult to implement the second component of E2E project in five pilot areas in Serbia, namely: Knjazevac, Pirot, Novi Pazar, Kragujevac, Krusevac in the period 2016 – 2019. The E2E program aims at combating the structural youth unemployment by developing youth skills and competences that are required on the job market in Serbia. E2E develops skills through promotion of non-formal, modern trainings with work-based learning elements (Dual Training Approach). It supports active labor market measures, mediation and guidance services for youth in school-to-work transition. Furthermore, it puts emphasis on the social inclusion and work integration of youth with disadvantages on the labor market. It is the envisaged vision of E2E that all young women and men in Serbia have more decent job prospects due to right career choice, practical guidance and labor market driven dual training and learning opportunities.

Regarding the status of youth in the labor market, indicators are showing some improvements. However, in comparison with the general population (15+), youth are still at a disadvantage, with an employment rate more than twice below the general population and an unemployment rate more than twice higher than the overall population. A particularly at risk group in the labor market are youth faced with multiple factors of vulnerability. Within the youth population, the status of women in the labor market is significantly less favorable than their male peers, regarded across all indicators. Through IP Consult and five local partners, E2E creates new opportunities for young people from Novi Pazar, Knjaževac, Pirot, Kruševac and Kragujevac to learn skills that are required on the local market. Therefore, the E2E promotes modern trainings in companies, career counselling and other labor market measures (provision of labor market information, job search and traineeship placement assistance) that give better chances for young people entering a career.


Main activities:

  • Managing the E2E Opportunity Fund: Through the engagement of the private sector, the Opportunity Fund promotes work-based learning in companies (dual training approach), labor market measures for hard-to-place youth and innovative employability models. At the moment, the Opportunity Fund supports 43 projects in 20 municipalities, with the participation of more than 60 companies (main sectors includes: textile, manufacturing, services) and 30 partners of the public and civil society sectors 
  • Training of minimum 110 in-company trainers/instructors of participating companies within the work based learning fund
  • Support the development of teachers curricula for the funded short-term training courses based on SKA Analysis and reviewed competence profiles through the private sectors.
  • Introduction of innovative web-based monitoring software WebMo in early 2017. The web platform was set up to allow for the implementing partners to report their progress against indicators and for the program to report to the donor SDC by means of a log frame. The innovative case management of end-beneficiaries dialed in by the partners in the field is a controlling instrument allowing a robust impact assessment of the career guidance services received. (Quality Assurance – Management Tool)
  • Design a scaling-up strategy; Develop sustainable financial model for non-formal training courses.

Contact Info

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