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Country: Mozambique

Client: GIZ

Project Duration: 11/2017 - 04/2020

Value of Service: 2,226,070 €

This country package Mozambique is part of the global BMZ special initiative "ONEWORLD without Hunger". The goal of the module is therefore that agricultural and food innovations have improved the incomes of small farms, employment and regional food supplies in selected rural regions.

The implementation is carried out within the framework of country packages in 14 countries: Ethiopia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, India, Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia, Togo and Tunisia.

In Mozambique, the project is being carried out in the so-called Beira corridor with a focus on the province of Sofala.

The Mozambique country package focuses on the value chains (VC) pigeon pea, organic rice and baobab on four fields of action:

  1. innovation in small-scale farms;
  2. qualification of upstream and downstream companies;
  3. Strengthen the self-organization of the VC actors;
  4. cross-border exchanges.

The Mozambique Innovation Center promotes partnerships, network-ing, exchange and knowledge transfer in order to spread innovation. In addition to state actors and civil society, it is based on private sector enterprises. The project will be closely linked to the project "Improving the framework for a competitive private and financial sector, Pro-Econ" as well as other bilateral and regional projects of German development cooperation and other donors.


The objective of the Mozambique country package is: Agricultural and nutritional innovations have improved the incomes of small farms, employment and food supply in selected rural regions.

IP / NIRAS is responsible for the implementation of the fields of action (HF) 1 "Innovations in smallholder farms" and 2 "Ability of upstream and downstream enterprises" of the Mozambique country package. In addition, the contractor supports the employer through the provision of consulting services and assis-tance in the implementation of the fields of action (3) "Strengthening the self-organization of the VC stakeholders", and (4) "transnational exchange".

The activities consist of:

  • Identification and promotion of suitable innovations for the VC Pigeon Pea, organic rice and baobab, analysis of bottle necks for their dissemination
  • Training of selected lead farmers on identified innovations
  • Creation of links between small-scale farmers and private service providers and marketing com-panies, promotion of partnerships with private sector
  • Empowering of upstream and downstream enterprises within the selected VC
  • Improve organization of stakeholders and establish VC platforms to better connect and integrate smallholder farms, collectors (VC Baobab), service providers and processing companies into the VCs
  • Provision of integrated business models in the context of integrated development partnerships (Development Partnerships with the Industry, EPW)
  • Trans border exchange of experiences.

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