Implementation Concept Study on Hazardous Waste Management

IP Wave

Country: Turkey

Client: KfW Development Bank

Counterpart Organization: Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF)

Project Duration: 04/2009 - 05/2011

The project follows up on the EU-GTZ study “Improvement of Industrial Hazardous Waste Management in Turkey” (HAWAMAN) and targets the elaboration of a concept for future hazardous waste management in Turkey. The implementation study carried out by IP Consult makes up the basis for decisions of the KfW regarding its investments in the Turkish hazardous waste sector. The study focuses on the formulation of recommendations for the necessary institu-tional, legal, technical and financial structures based on the survey and evaluation of the current situation.

As part of the study, the point of origin, amount, type, as well as disposal route and processes of present hazardous waste streams are determined. Based on this information, concrete pro-posals are made regarding treatment plants (number, type, size, location, etc.) including speci-fication of necessary investment and production equipment.

In the project, IP Consult works closely with the chair for hazardous waste management of the University of Stuttgart as well as an engineering office in Istanbul.


  • Analysis of current situation and problem anlalysis 
  • Further development of a cadastre for hazardous waste
  • Compilation of institutional, financial and legal general conditions
  • Analysis and involvement of relevant stakeholders
  • Development of a national hazardous waste management plan, including determination of number, type and location of treatment plants (e. g. combustion plants, waste disposal site, etc. )
  • Determination of costs of investments and operation as well as recommendations for hazardous waste management fees
  • Elaboration of a concrete implementation concept with a ten-year planning horizon