Improvement of Food Security in Central Mozambique

IP Wave

Country: Mozambique

Client: GIZ

Counterpart Organization: National Institute of Disaster Management (Instituto Nacional de Gestão de Calamidades - INGC)

Project Duration: 06/2011 - 03/2012

The project supports the National Institute of Disaster Management in Mozambique in providing support to the reconstruction and recovery of the agriculture sector in com-munities most affected by natural disasters in the four districts of Caia, Chemba, Mopeia and Mutarara. At the beginning of 2011 droughts and floods in the provinces of Sofala, Tete and Sambesi affected more than 6,000 ha of arable land of which about 3,700 ha were totally lost. This has caused crop failure of maize, rice, peanuts, sorghum, manioc, beans and millet and consequently led to shortages of staple food in the mainly subsistence oriented affected households. In addition to lack of food, inputs for the reconstruction and recovery of household food production such as seeds, irrigation and storage facilities are missing.

The project’s main focus is on the support of the local food production via the provision of seeds through a voucher system on local seed markets and material goods as well as the introduction of small-scale irrigation systems and grain silos. In the project region 14,000 families who have been hit especially hard by the crop fail-ures and who have lost a great part of their means of agricultural production are to be supported.

Main Services Provided:

  • consulting services for the partner INGC with regard to the organization of seed markets and voucher systems as well as the application of small-scale irrigation technologies and construction of grain silos, including the vocational and further training in selected locations
  • coordination of project measures with the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Secre-tariat of Food Security (SETSAN)
  • promotion of good practices in agriculture in order to increase yields and build resilience to climate change and natural disasters