Introduction of cooperative (dual) Vocational Training in the Construction & Building Sector

IP Wave

Country: Egypt

Client: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH

Counterpart Organization: National Ministry of Education

Project Duration: 01/2005 - 03/2008

Component 3 of the bilateral vocational training program in Egypt targets establishing suitable qualification instruments for the implementation of cooperative training in the construction & building field in order to train and further educate qualified experts according to the needs of the labor market. Regarding areas of technical specialization, the project concentrates on 4 core occupations: concrete, road building and insulation specialists as well as tile layers/plasterers.

The project integrates companies and two vocational training schools. It works together closely with the "National Unit for Dual Systems (NUDS)" of the construction sector. As the implementation sponsor for the incompany practical part, the "Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors" is promoted. Important activities concentrate on the promotion of a network between the Ministry of Education, technical ministries and economic associations as well as the strategic further development of a cooperative approach in the sector.

Furthermore, employment-boosting short-term measures are developed as part of the qualification strategy mentioned above, in order to integrate and involve small- and very small-scale enterprises and the informal sector.