Water and soil protection - Management of obsolete pesticides, phase II

IP Wave

Country: China

Client: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation through GTZ

Counterpart Organization: Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)

Project Duration: 09/2009 - 12/2012

Even though China is the world’s biggest producer of pesticides, it does not have a proper system for the control of the agrochemicals on the Chinese market, the monitoring of their use in agriculture and the disposal of obsolete stocks and contaminated containers.

The project is the continuation of another intervention and includes a public-private partnership (PPP) component. The overall goal is to ensure that the relevant govern-mental institutions and service providers are able to manage obsolete pesticides and contaminated packaging in the three pilot provinces in an environmentally safe manner.

The project is based on a multi-level approach and the focus lies on consulting governmental institutions in order to develop and apply disposal guidelines. On a provin-cial level, the responsible subunits are supported by the agricultural assistance services. A cooperation with the cement industry has already been established in order to ensure the disposal of pesticides and containers. On the level of farmers and pesticide users, information campaigns and training courses will be carried out.

Main Services Provided

  • Improvement of the disposal of obsolete pesticides in the pilot provinces and its regional extension by the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Development and testing of different schemes for the disposal of contaminated containers
  • Assistance with an improvement of national guidelines for pesticide management
  • Capacity building within the authorities concerned
  • Awareness raising concerning the handling of contaminated packaging and containers at the level of farmers and other target groups