Modernisation of Municipal Services - Support with Regard to Waste Management Planning and Implementation

IP Wave

Country: Kosovo

Client: GIZ

Counterpart Organization: Municipalities Prishtina and Drenas, the RWC Pastrimi and the Association of Kosovo Municipalities

Project Duration: 04/2013 - 11/2013

According to the “Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo on Waste Management 2012-2021” by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP), “the pollution of the environment caused by improper waste management is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to environmental protection in Kosovo”. The waste management situation in the country is marked by insufficient waste management capacities, a lack of enforcement of laws and policies as well as old or inappropriate infrastructure. The strategy mentioned above has been defined in order to reduce the still increasing amounts of waste and set up a sustainable and environmentally sound waste management system. The MMS project supports these efforts of the Kosovo by:

  1. consulting three municipalities and the corresponding regional waste companies regarding the planning and implementation of a sustainable local waste system;  
  2. supporting the municipalities regarding the participation of their citizens in the waste process and the conduction of awareness-raising campaigns.

The contribution of the consultant will be directed towards:

  • the improvement of the municipal waste services through the joint amendment of the waste operation plans and the provision of advice on their implementation; 
  • the development and delivery of training to officials in the SWM sector; 
  • the capacity building for waste management through the provision of support to the Association of Kosovo Municipalities (AKM) in carrying out their responsibilities.

Main Services Provided:

IP Consult delivers services targeting the three main areas of intervention:

  1. solid waste management planning and implementation, 
  2. organisational development / training and 
  3. establishment of a municipal solid waste management network.

In detail:

  • revision of the operation plans in the waste sector of two partner municipalities 
  • technical and financial advice regarding the implementation of the waste operation plans: waste collection (rate and services), waste sorting, determination of the actual collection costs, set-up of a tariff system
  • advice to the MESP and/or the MLGA (Ministry of Local Government Administration)
  • conduction of a training-needs assessment and elaboration and delivery of training modules
  • support to the AKM in the dissemination of lessons learnt and best practices
  • support in the implementation of workshop (and a SWM conference)