Northern Rehabilitation Project (NRP) Component: Improvement of groundwater protection

IP Wave

Country: Sri Lanka

Client: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation through GTZ

Counterpart Organization: Jaffna Municipal Council (JMC)

Project Duration: 01/2005 - 07/2006

The armed conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ee-lam (LTTE) started in 1983. About 60,000 people were killed, and about 700,000 to 800,000 displaced, a substantial number of them repeatedly. To attract civil war refugees to resettle in Jaffna, the living conditions in the pilot region shall be improved. This includes the protection of the natural resources (Groundwater), the improvement of the drinking water supply as well as of the solid waste management. The present situation of the environment is not only the result of the armed conflict but also caused by a decline of political, social and economic conditions. The awareness of a healthy environment is not very much developed within the population and the political establishment and the financial means are not available or not provided to change the condition for the better. The objective of the project has been determined to be “Save drinking water, improved dis-posal of human excreta and solid waste to attract displaced people to resettle in Jaffna”. 

Main Services Provided:

  • An adequate and appropriate solid waste management system is developed and introduced gradually (incl. enhancement of recycling and composting activities)
  • The awareness among the population for a cleaner environment has been achieved in the pilot area
  • Procedures for the effective monitoring of the industry through environmental administration are developed
  • Pilot facilities for sanitation units are constructed and satisfy the needs of the users
  • Training of farmers and operational staff of SWM facilities