Peace Development, Youth Promotion and Fight against Corruption – Peace Fund in Timor Leste

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Country: Timor-Leste

Client: GIZ

Project Duration: 08/2014 - 11/2016

Value of Service: 714,000 €

Timor-Leste is a post-conflict country under the conditions of fragile statehood. A high unemployment rate among youth, limited employment opportunities and low educational perspectives offer little perspectives to young people. The confrontation with violence in public spheres, in family and school increase their tolerance level for violence, suggesting violence as legitimate means of conflict management. At the same time, existing mechanisms for non-violent conflict management are insufficient and measures for youth in Timor Leste in this area hardly exist. Against this background, the Peace Fund’s objective is: ‘Measures of qualified institutions for youth promotion enable youth to non-violent conflict management’. In cooperation with the State Secretariat for Youth and Sport and organisations of the civil society, the project follows a multi-level approach: On the one hand, it contains support measures for capacity development of state- and non-state partners. On the other hand, it includes youth promotion measures, realized through funding for organisations and local initiatives. Together with other measures, networked planning of youth activities in pilot districts aims at reaching this objective

Main Services:  

  • Curriculum development of a National Training Program for Timorese youth workers, district youth officers and youth centre managers;
  • Preparation of six modular thematic training packages;
  • Conducting at least 20 training units for the trainee group comprising at least 50 selected youth workers, district youth officers and youth centre managers;
  • Post-training coaching of the trainees when planning, steering, implementing and evaluating own youth activities in the districts or organisations.

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