Project Identification: Mission to support the identification of future projects for the German Financial Cooperation –Integrated Biodiversity and Forest Protection Programme

IP Wave

Country: Laos

Client: KfW Development Bank

Counterpart Organization: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE)

Project Duration: 03/2015 - 03/2015

Value of Service: 11,000 €

The overall goal of the Lao – German Programme is to contribute to the promotion of bio-diversity in forest eco-systems while mitigating the impacts of climate change, improving forest management and forest rehabilitation, as well as livelihood improvement of forest-dependent communities.

The future Programme aims to elaborate and implement approaches improving bio-diversity of forest ecosystems on a landscape level including protected areas, eco-corridors and protection as well as production forests.

The concrete output of the Project Identification Mission was the identification of fundamentals of the concept for the envisaged FC investments and the description of follow-up measures for preparing the project for appraisal by KfW.

The tentative size of the new FC programme is EUR 6-8 Mio, but the mission shall come up with a pro-gramme framework that is open for extension.

On the basis of national climate and biodiversity & forest strategies and the current political framework, as well as preferences by the Lao side, the Mission conducted discussions with relevant national and international stakeholders, analyzed the current (policy and donor support) situation with regard to for-ests, biodiversity and climate issues, confirmed interest and preferences and sketched the frame of a possible German FC programme.

This included the discussion on suggested areas for future project implementation, and the potential and challenges for successful implementation. Further meetings with key stakeholders were held to specify and concretize further steps towards programme formulation.

Main Services Provided:

  • Short review of lessons learnt of past and currently ongoing programmes and projects in the sector as well as assessment of future direction of support.
  • Analyze main actors in forest ecosystem management and review lessons learnt of relevant past and ongoing programmes dealing with biodiversity and sustainable forest management.
  • Identification of main topic areas for future investments and relevant stakeholders