Promotion of Centres of Excellence within the Framework of the Vocational Training Reform in Kosovo

IP Wave

Country: Kosovo

Client: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation through GTZ

Counterpart Organization: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Project Duration: 08/2010 - 03/2013

The aim of the project is the continued improvement of the employment orientation and the efficiency of the vocational training system. In cooperation with other donors who mainly invest into the development of the educational infrastructure, the German TC plays a leading role in securing conceptual coherence and quality in the sector.

With his consulting and presentation services on macro, meso and micro level, the consultant supports the GTZ programme in the preparation of a coherent approach for the development of regional centres of excellence with sectoral points of focus.

At national level, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) is advised regard-ing the control of the centres’ development processes; at regional level, the committees of rep-resentatives of the private sector, civil society and public institutions are supported. These committees take over the control task regarding the establishment and the running of the cen-tres of excellence. At institutional level, the centres of excellence and other efficient vocational schools in various regions of Kosovo are supported regarding the demand-oriented organisation of sector-specific offers for education and further training as well as of other services (career advice, labour market information).


  • action orientation and practical relevance of the education and further training offered
  • constant demand-oriented adaptation and further development of service portfolios
  • human resources and organisational development
  • medium-term financial schemes / income generating activities
  • training courses in the field of adult education, including training courses for adults (catch-up qualification)
  • sector and region-oriented carrier advice and labour market information