Promotion of Clean Technologies and Environment-Oriented Management of Small and Medium-Size Industries

IP Wave

Country: El Salvador

Client: Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales – MARN)

Counterpart Organization: Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales – MARN)

Project Duration: 01/2002 - 12/2006

The project's objective is to induce industrial companies in El Salvador to adhere to existing environmental laws and regulations as well as to increase their economic competitiveness through the application of modern management methods and environmentally-friendly and efficient production processes. This objective is reached through improved environmental administration framework conditions and demand-oriented services (information, advanced training, consulting and financing). In the process, the project uses different levels of approach which encompass the responsible government institutions as well as their organizations (associations, chambers) and their environment, including environmental consultants and service providers. Important project activities are the introduction of organizational procedures in the Ministry of Environment targeting improved information flow and quality of work as well as the elaboration of action and incentive programs for the avoidance and reduction of industrial waste. Information material on environmental improvement through approaches of eco-efficiency for selected branches of “Small and Medium Enterprises” (SME) are elaborated and disseminated (rational use of energy, waste avoidance and recycling, financing possibilities for environmental investments, environmentally-friendly technologies and environmental management instruments). The implementation of branch-related environmental management programs and the elaboration of sector guidelines is supported through model demonstration projects in SME. A supplementary project contribution consists of the elaboration of a technical handbook on the financing of environmental investments. Consulting services are provided on this topic to service providers of financing, SME, consultants and other actors. Through the project, a network is created which incorporates all participating actors in the field of environmental conservation, including the establishment of a synchronized national registry for environmental consultants.

Main Services Provided:

  • The Ministry of Environment's capacities to take up effective measures to avoid and reduce industrial environmental damage are strengthened.
  • Implementation of an environmental credit line for the promotion of environmentally-friendly production methods in SME. 
  • Procedures for the effective monitoring of the industry through environmental administration are developed.
  • Information and consulting programs for operational environmental management catering to the needs of SME are developed and implemented.
  • Integrated environmental management programs for selected industrial branches are developed and implemented.
  • Partner experts receive basic and further training.