Promotion of the Telecommunications Sector

IP Wave

Country: Brazil

Client: INATEL Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações

Project Duration: 01/1995 - 12/2003

This project contributes to the improvement of the employment and income situation in unprivileged economic areas. The objective consists of ameliorating local small and medium-sized enterprises to be able to hold up to international competition. To this aim, the consolidated technology region of Santa Rita do Sapucaí has the prerequisites and serves as a development model for other regions.

The project’s strategy includes: 

  • Improving structures and networks for the development of the technology region.
  • Enhancing competitive advantages based on know-how by promoting research, development and marketing.
  • Promoting interstate technology transfer between the region of Santa Rita do Sapucaí and the technology centers in the northeast Brazil.
  • Training of master craftsmen and apprentices

As part of the project, lecturers of the National Institute for Telecommunications (INATEL) will receive further training and the infrastructure of the laboratory will be improved in order to ameliorate the quality of training. IP consultants help to establish efficient technology park management. Exemplary management consulting will be carried out. The transfer of technology will be strengthened through study visits and training measures in Brazil, the region and Europe. 

Main services provided: 

  • Further training of lecturers in Germany and Brazil
  • Improvement of lab equipment
  • Advisory assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises of the telecommunications and electronics industry
  • Study visits for skilled and executive personnel from economic, administrative and political fields