Promotion of Training and Services within the Range of modern Technologies - Component 3

IP Wave

Country: India

Client: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through GTZ

Counterpart Organization: Ministry for Communication and Information, MCIT

Project Duration: 01/2006 - 12/2008

The program consists of four components:

(I) Network for training and services, 
(II) co-operation with the private sector, 
(III) new positioning of the authority for technical standards (STQC), 
(IV) promotion of technology centres.

IP Consult is responsible for the components 3 and 4.

Component 3 „new positioning of the authority for technical standards (STQC)“ deals with repositioning STQC (Department for Standardisation, Testing and Quality Certification), a department of the Ministry for Communication and Information Technology, MCIT. The authority lacks a long-term vision of market-focused services for technology-intensive small and medium enterprise (SME). By the German-Indian co-operation the position of STQC as independent provider of services for SME in the High-Tech will be strengthened. The institution will be developed into an internationally recognized institution for services within the range tests, certifying and quality assurance.

Main Services Provided:

  • Modernization and development of a technological-oriented service offer for SME and its marketing;
  • Advisory services concerning the re-positioning of STQC as market-oriented services pro-vider for SME in the High-Tech range;
  • Export of electrical and IT products (including TBT and other World Trade Organization guidelines;
  • Pollution free production (Green Manufacturing) after European guidelines;
  • Laser photometry and calibration of glass fibre instruments;
  • IEC (International Electronical Commission) standard, EMC and ATEX guidelines (Atmospheres Explosibles);
  • IEC-Ex standard (International Electro-technical Commission - explosive environment);
  • IEC-standards (international Electro-technical Commission).