Promotion of Training and Services within the Range of modern Technologies - Component 4

IP Wave

Country: India

Client: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through GTZ

Counterpart Organization: Ministry for Communication and Information, MCIT

Project Duration: 01/2006 - 12/2008

The program consists of four components:

(I) Network for training and services, 
(II) co-operation with the private sector, 
(III) new positioning of the authority for technical standards (STQC), 
(IV) promotion of technology centres.

IP Consult is responsible for the components 3 and 4.

Component 4 „promotion of technology centres “refers to the technology centre MAC (Mecha-tronic and Automation) at the Centre for Research and Industrial Service Promotion, CRISP in Bhopal. MAC as a single institution is to cover exemplary in a pilot region the qualification needs of technology-intensive small and central enterprises within the range mechatronics. For this end MAC’s service offer, laboratories and workshops is modernized. In addition specialists for the development and execution of training measures and other services within the range of mechatronics are qualified. IP Consult supports the management of the centre in restructuring its training and service offer including marketing. The MAC management and its co-workers receive advanced and further training in India and abroad.

Main Services Provided:  

  • Modernization and development of a technological-oriented service offer for SME and its marketing;
  • Qualification of Specialists within the Range of Mechatronics and related fields.