Reducing the Risk of Susceptibility to Disasters by Means of Improved Weather Forecast Capacity

IP Wave

Country: Mozambique

Client: German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

Counterpart Organization: National Institute of Disaster Management; National Meteorological Service

Project Duration: 03/2009 - 04/2010

With the support of the European Union, the Mozambican and the German meteorological service jointly built a rain radar – as a test - in two provinces after the great flood disaster in the year 2000. The data are not yet part of the Mozambican weather forecasts and are not yet used for the reduc-tion of the danger of flooding during the rainy season either. Within the framework of the project, the meteorological services build regional, numerical weather stations which make use of the exist-ing rain radars. Complementary, the consultant coordinates and integrates the improved flood fore-casts into the information structure of the emergency coordination centre CENOE and the local flood warning systems. With the help of consulting services and further education, the results of the improved weather forecasts are integrated into the existing system of the CENOE emergency co-ordination and into the national disaster forecast and management system.

Main Services Provided:

  • Consulting services for the integration of improved weather forecast data into the existing system of the CENOE emergency coordination
  • Improvement of the regional flood warning systems in river basins
  • Further education of experts and managerial staff on a local, regional and national level