Renewable Energy Programme (PEERR) - Action Fields “Energy Efficiency” and “Training, Education and Knowledge Management”

IP Wave

Country: Bolivia

Client: GIZ

Project Duration: 07/2017 - 03/2019

Value of Service: 770,000 €

The programme “Renewable Energy”(PEERR) aims at creating an enabling environment for grid-connected renewable energy technolo-gies and increased energy efficiency.

Therefore the PEERR-programme works in four actions fields with the Bolivian Ministry of Energy on (i) planning and legal framework for renewable energy (RE), (ii) project development and grid integration of RE, (iii) creating an enabling environment for energy efficiency (EE) measures and (iv) on training, education and knowledge management for RE and EE. Area 3 and 4 are implemented by IP Consult – Part of the NIRAS Group.

Action Field 3 focusses on supporting the Bolivian Government in operationalising and implementing the Strategic Plan for Energy Efficiency (PAEE) and developing a concept for a National Agency for Energy Efficiency.

In Action Field 4 we support technical schools and universities in establishing and further developing their curricula in the area of EE and RE. The advisory services are based on a detailed study of the offer and demand for RE and EE specialists on the Bolivian labour market. Sector actors are also connected through a web-based platform to strengthen the sector coordination between state organisations, private companies, NGOs and other stakeholders.


  • Development of a concept for an energy efficiency agency, including definition of tasks, institutional set-up and financing concept
  • Carry out energy audits in public buildings and develop EE measures
  • Design of an energy efficiency action plan and energy audit programme for public office buildings
  • Development of “Energy Efficiency Guides” for a nationwide implementation of cost-efficient EE measures
  • Analysis of demand of RE and EE specialists
  • Screening of RE and EE education programmes
  • Support further development of communication structures (online communication and knowledge management platform) for stakeholders in RE and EE (universities, TVET institutions, etc.) and recommend (further) development of curricula