Selva Maya Natural Resources Protection Project (Feasibility Study)

IP Wave

Countries: Belize Guatemala Mexico

Client: KfW Development Bank

Project Duration: 03/2016 - 05/2016

Value of Service: 215,815 €

The German development cooperation supports the governments of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico regarding the improvement of their Natural Resources Protection and sustainable Management with special emphasis on the conservation of forest - related biodiversity, protected area management and corridor establishment and management . The project ‘Protection and sustainable use of Selva Maya’ combines forces with other development cooperation measures and the approaches adopted by other donors in the areas of climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, land policy, rural development and poverty reduction.

The German Selva Maya support comprises different modules which are supported by different German partners namely GIZ, GIZ-ED and KfW. This consulting assignment deals with the feasibility study for a financial cooperation called "Selva Maya Natural Resources Protection Project (SMNRPP)" coordinated by IUCN-ORMACC. The potentially available budget for the project is estimated to be EUR 8 million and the planned duration 4-5 years. The Feasibility Study (FS) is about the preparation of the financial cooperation module "Selva Maya Natural Resources Protection Project”.

Main Services Provided:

Framework Analysis 

  • Sector and problem analysis, define and justify programme objective,
  • Programme area selection, organisational structure of the programme, outline main areas of programme interventions.

Detailed Programme Design including

  • Programme goal and rationale,
  • Preparation and evaluation of a catalogue of possible and alternative programme measures/activities, including community participation
  • Institutional arrangements,
  • Link programme measures and concept to national policy and regional strategies, stakeholder and target group analysis, 
  • Programme management and monitoring system,
  • Financial and economic analyses, 
  • Detailed cost calculation, 
  • Impact, sustainability and risk analysis, 
  • Proposal of the required consultancy services during the implementation,
  • Development of the log frame matrix,
  • Coordination with German Technical Cooperation modules, 
  • Links to other donor engagement and analysis of lessons learnt.