Set-up of the Construction and Building Sector

IP Wave

Country: Ethiopia

Client: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation through GTZ

Counterpart Organization: National Ministry of Education

Project Duration: 03/2005 - 03/2006

The project is part of the comprehensive TVET-reform in Ethiopia. The significant objective is to set up a coherent vocational education system which incorporates formal and non-formal vocational education as well as initial training and further training for all occupational sectors. Top priority goes to the reform of the construction professions. The Ethiopian Occupational Standards (EOS) and Occupational Training Standards (OTS), elaborated in cooperation with the industry on the federal level, must be modularised. The regions must be supported regarding curriculum development and the implementation thereof in training programs.

Main Services Provided:

  • Determination of priority of construction professions to be worked on
  • Development of curricula for the most important construction professions
  • Verification and enrichment of EOS and OTS for these construction professions as foundation for examination management and curriculum development
  • Development of learning and teaching material
  • Rough planning of necessary procurements and infrastructure adaptations
  • Support during personnel qualification, especially of teacher and instructor training