Strengthening rural resilience in East Paraguay (FortaleceRES)

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Country: Paraguay

Client: GIZ

Project Duration: 12/2017 - 03/2019

Value of Service: 704,228 €

FortaleceRES (04/2016 - 03/2019) aims at strengthening the multidimensional (economic, environmental and social) resilience of the vulnerable rural population in Eastern Paraguay with a focus on the two districts of Caazapá and Caaguazú. The economic aspect is taken into account by improving the income situation of smallholder families and by creating non-agricultural income opportunities in East-ern Paraguay. The aim is both to improve the income of the poor population and to diversify their sources of income. Ecological resilience is strengthened in particular by soil conservation and fertility improvement measures. The social aspect is taken into account by especially addressing vulnerable target groups (subsistence farm-ers, indigenous communities and women as heads of households).

The expected outputs of FortaleceRES are:

  1. The services in the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors of public and private service providers for the vulnerable rural population have been improved.
  2. The coordination mechanisms between the public and private sectors for the implementation of coordinated development and action plans have been im-proved.
  3. A cross-departmental, coordinated and implementation-relevant concept for agricultural, disaster and life insurance for rural areas is available.
  4. Education and Training offers for the rural population - in particular indigenous people, young people and women - on income diversification have been improved.

IP Consult is contributing to the outputs 1, 2 and 4 as well as the cross-cutting component Knowledge Management.


  • Participatory development and design of didactic “toolboxes” for 6 Modules (food security, sustainable soil management, agriculture and livestock production, rural value chains and quality standards, smallholder business management, climate risk, agriculture and social insurance, management of farmer organisations) for 200 rural advisors of the public and private service providers.
  • Design and introduction of a Quality Management System for selected public and/or private service and training providers. Development of QM-Manuals.
  • Support to the development of local PPPs to implement action plans with the aim of strengthening the multidimensional resilience; advice on coordination processes, introduction of procedural standards for cooperation and implementation of action plans.
  • Establishment of two inter-municipal networks to exchange best practices and development of manuals and guidelines.
  • Conception, development, piloting and creation of 1200 individual competence profile passes in coordination with the National Secretary of Professional Promotion (SNPP) to promote vocational integration and income diversification for various target groups.
  • Participatory development of a manual (catalog of measures / recommendations) for employment promotion within the project context.
  • Development of a user-friendly digital knowledge and exchange platform; Digitalization of the products and materials developed and making them available in user-friendly formats on the platform.
  • Organization and conduction of the necessary information and dialogue events, workshops and training courses.

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