Support for an Integrated Land Use Planning System

IP Wave

Country: Namibia

Client: GIZ

Counterpart Organization: Ministry of Lands and Resettlement (MLR)

Project Duration: 11/2011 - 11/2012

For a period of one year, the consultant will support measures within the context of land-use planning in order to improve its coordination under the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement (MLR) in Namibia. The MLR is developing a new process for the formulation of integrated regional land-use plans in Namibia through a “modelling approach” during which new planning tools and instruments are developed and tested in pilot regions. With the results and outputs of these experiences, the MLR intends to develop guidelines for land-use planning as a useful instrument for capacity development and as an instrument to standardise the planning process at regional level.

Main Services Provided:

  • Support a sound procedure for the development of a National Policy for Land Use Planning in Namibia and legislative regulations in the context of the Namibian legal framework.
  • Support the formulation of guidelines for the Integrated Regional Land Use Planning process with special emphasis on implementation procedures.
  • Support to the improvement of the institutional capacity of the MLR to coordinate land use planning in Namibia.
  • Support the preparation and implementation of an exposure trip on LUP for the MLR.