Support for the Guatemalan System of Protected Areas (SIGAP) and Conservation of Biological Diversity - Conceptualization Study

IP Wave

Country: Guatemala

Client: KfW Development Bank

Project Duration: 02/2016 - 04/2016

Value of Service: 68,200 €

The governments of Guatemala and Germany, on the occasion of intergovernmental consultations in June 2012 agreed on "Environment and Climate Change Adaptation" as the third focus of bilateral cooperation between the two countries. During the intergovernmental negotiations in November of the same year the German government made a new allocation in the amount of 10 million Euros to strengthen cooperation on the issue of the protection of biodiversity.

The main objective of this consultancy is to analyze and propose possible thematic areas, strategic objectives and priority lines of action for future cooperation within the framework of financial cooperation between Germany and Guatemala. This conceptualization should be based on an analysis of the current status of biological diversity and the SIGAP and on institutional strategic objectives and priorities established by the competent institutions.

Main services provided:

The study covers the following chapters and main stages:

  1. Analysis of the current status of biodiversity in Guatemala
  2. Analysis of the strategic objectives and priorities related to the conservation of biodiversity 
  3. Analysis of SIGAP
  4. Conceptualization of strategic and thematic approaches for financial cooperation on the issue of biodiversity 
  5. Diagnosis of international cooperation activities in the field of biodiversity and protected areas
  6. Proposal of areas and lines of action for a project
  7. Environmental, social and climate Screening