Support to Public Service Reform in Egypt

IP Wave

Country: Egypt

Client: GIZ

Counterpart Organizations: Ministry of State for Administrative Development (MSAD) Central Agency for Organization and Administration (CAOA)

Project Duration: 10/2013 - 06/2014

Value of Service: 44,210 €

The objective of the project has been defined as: “The capacities of MSAD and CAOA for the sup-port of modernising human resources management in the public administration are enhanced”.

In order to achieve this objective, the IP team will support the reform departments of the Ministry of State for Administrative Development (MSAD) and the Central Agency for Organization and Ad-ministration (CAOA) in initiating and managing the change processes for modernizing the Human Resources (HR) departments of their institutions. In a first phase, the individual and organizational capacities of the reform departments of these institutions will be strengthened; in a second phase, they will be supported in modernizing the core structures and processes of the HR departments, the policies and instruments applied with a view to foster equal opportunities. An interministerial committee for HR will steer the up-scaling of the steps taken and the standardization of the tools elaborated.

The consultancy will take place in the following five steps: 

  • Defining the core strategy;
  • Accompanying organisational assessment; 
  • Developing an implementation strategy; 
  • Supporting its implementation; 
  • Monitoring & evaluating the HR strategy.

The satisfaction of the clients MSAD and CAOA will serve as main indicator for the project success.

Main Services Provided:

Studying relevant documents and accompanying the elaboration of the as-is analysis

Providing expert advice on Organisational Development, Human Resources Development (HRD) and Change Proc-esses as well as Process Management

Improving communication processes between MSAD and CAOA, facilitating the dialogue for the elaboration of the core strategy and conducting interviews with MSAD and CAOA and selected stakeholders

 Designing and facilitating workshops / working groups for ensuring a comprehensive elaboration of the deliverables, in particular the strategies (draft and adjustment)


  1. Elaborating the following deliverables:
  2. A draft version of a core and implementation strategy;
  3. Change process architecture; 
  4. Working plan; 
  5. Implementation recommendations; 
  6. HR and reform manuals.
  •  Supporting the implementation of the strategies named above by the HR and reform departments of MSAD
  • Reporting (bi-monthly on the status, Minutes of Meeting, Milestone reports)