Support to the Integrated Technical Education Cluster (ITEC) Assuit

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Country: Egypt

Client: German-Egyptian Debt Swap Program via Egyptian Education Development Fund (EDF)

Counterpart Organization: ITEC Assiut

Project Duration: 06/2014 - 12/2020

Value of Service: 3,061,150 €

The Education Development Fund´s (EDF) vision seeks to improve both pre-university and higher education via provision of quality education pilot models that satisfy labour market requirements with distinguished human resources. By virtue of a Ministerial Decree, EDF is taking the responsibility of establishing and operating an Integrated Technical Education Cluster (ITEC) on the premises of the Assiut Mechanical School at Assiut City (Assiut Governorate). The educational model at Assiut ITEC relies on building competences rather than accumulating knowledge. The project is jointly funded by the Egyptian Government and the German-Egyptian Debt Swap Program for Development.

The project aims at establishing a new integrated technical education compound that is recognized nationally and internationally and that can fulfil the needs of the labour market of the industry and society with emphasize on the fields needed by the neighbouring industry in the region.

The ITEC Assiut will prepare highly qualified technicians who are:

  •        matching the levels of national standards of skills,
  •        directly fulfilling the needs of the labour market,
  •        motivated to upgrade their skills,
  •        able to be continuously educated,
  •        flexible to switch to different fields after being trained.

Main Services Provided:

  • Designing a pioneer model for technical education serving different industrial engineering sectors
  • Supporting curricula development according to international vocational education standards
  • Consulting to equip high quality labs and workshops to enrich the education and training processes
  •  Providing advice for capacity building of faculty staff according to international education standards
  • Supporting a successful model of an linkage between technical education and industry’s requirements, especially via the establishment of a Vocational Training Centre (VTC)



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