Support to the Republic Geodetic Authority in the Process of Preparation of a Development Study

IP Wave

Country: Serbia

Client: EU / Particip GmbH

Counterpart Organization: Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA)

Project Duration: 09/2013 - 12/2014

Value of Service: 189,000 €

The Republic Geodetic Authority – RGA, is the national state administration responsible for works pertaining to state survey, real estate cadastre, utilities cadastre and other basic geodetic works. Within the Sector for real estate cadastre, 38 internal units had been established outside the Republic Geodetic Authority Headquarters – Local real estate cadastre offices in cities and municipalities, with 90 sections and 35 groups under the Local offices.

The assignment of the service contract is support to the Republic Geodetic Authority in the process of preparation, creation and implementation of RGA development study for the period of 10 years.

The RGA development study would include necessary activities for sustainable development in the fields of state survey, real estate cadastre, production of digital cadastral maps, topographic-cartographic activities, information-communication projects, establishment and maintenance of National Spatial Data Infrastructure. To enhance RGAs management capacities for implementing a grant contract according to the EU rules and regulations.

Main Services Provided:

  • Assessment of the organisational structure, legal framework and capacities of RGA; 
  • Review of all RGA activities;
  • Support drafting a RGA development study; 
  • arrowred Support to handle grant procedures correctly related to the upcoming data scanning project to RGA.