Sustainable Land & Forest Management

IP Wave

Country: Nicaragua

Client: German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

Counterpart Organization: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MARENA)

Project Duration: 05/1998 - 06/2005

The aim of the consultancy was to design a national policy for the management of protected areas in Nicaragua and to support the establishing of the required institutional set up for the implementation of the new policy. The policy became part of an integrated approach of the Biological Corridor in Central America. The starting point in Nicaragua was the nature reserve Rio Indio - Rio Maíz in Southeast Nicaragua within the framework of the SI-A-PAZ-Initiative.

A concept was developed to protect this area with a buffer zone around the nature reserve and to involve the adjacent local communities in the management of the zone. In the course of the project implementation institutions on local, regional and national level (Ministry of Environment) became increasingly involved in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the new policy of protected area management. The project aims at strengthening local institutions, their capacity for sustained rural development and their human resources for planning and management.

The project activities focus on the protection of the core of the biosphere reserve, on the sustainable management of the land and forest resources in buffer zones and on the improvement of the livelihood of the population (many of the local population had migrated to the area).


In 2003 UNESCO has recognized the biosphere reserve as part of the international biosphere-network Man and Biosphere.

Main Services Provided:

  • National policy of Environmental Protection;
  • Administrative and political framework conditions;
  • Institution building, framework planning;
  • New technical approaches for the protection of natural resources and the ecosystem;
  • Regional rural development planning;
  • Project planning and management of project implementation.