Sustainable Land Management II (SLM II)

IP Wave

Country: Ethiopia

Client: KfW Development Bank

Project Duration: 11/2016 - 12/2019

Value of Service: 2,144,200 €

The KfW funded Sustainable Land Management (KfW-SLM) project operates under the National Sustainable Land Management Programme and is therefore anchored under the high level country-wide investment framework. The development objective of the SLM project is to reduce land degradation in agricultural landscapes and to improve the agricultural productivity of smallholder farmers leading to the protection and/or restoration of ecosystem functions and improved food security. The project’s second phase focuses on building on the established structures, consolidating the achievements and best practices of the previous years, addressing the challenges identified in the first phase of the programme and making sure to wrap-up the activities in a sustainable manner.

Main Services Provided:

Besides performed services in the scope of overall (administrative) project management, the support strategy of the SLM II project foresees following activities under two main working areas:

1. Integrated Watershed and Landscape Management

  • Strengthening the technical capacities at Woreda level
  • Ensuring economic valorization of measures
  • Increasing the community involvement
  • Monitoring via web-based interactive database
  • Environmental Safeguards

2. Funds and Financial Management

  • Financial Management Training
  • Direct Support Services
  • Financial Management Standards
  • Procurement


Throughout all services, the project emphasizes on following integral aspects:

  • Build on the successes and best practices of the previous phase (and the predecessor SUN project), as well as other SLM projects
  • Capacity Development of actors, especially at Woreda and Kebele level
  • Increase focus on capitalisation of investments
  • Close coordination and cooperation with key development partners