Sustainable Management of Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary through Community Participation

IP Wave

Country: Thailand

Client: Royal Forestry Department

Counterpart Organization: European Commission

Project Duration: 03/2002 - 08/2007

Value of Service: 1,422,000

Since 1960, nearly all of Thailand's forest reserves have been exploited and subsequently used for agricultural production. A large number of protected areas is being used on an unsustainable basis by the population, despite existing restrictions.

In the Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary the management is improved as a model and developed in an integrated manner incorporating other adjacent protected areas in the complex. The population living in the area itself is motivated to use resources sparingly and to employ sustainable management practices. In the adjacent or buffer zone areas, the population is educated in the long-term value of nature conservation. 

Scientific and research work, involvement of NGOs and the active participation of the population in planning and implementation are important elements of the project concept. In addition, economic alternatives to the exploitation of the reserve, education in schools and the protection of the reserve (which acts as a magnet due to the development initiated) is promoted through the identification of employment possibilities in the vicinity.

Main services:

  • Protected area management of the wildlife sanctuary
  • Integrated buffer zone development
  • Promotion of co-operation between implementing authorities and civil society
  • Environmental education and raising of public awareness