Wood Technology Center

IP Wave

Country: Brazil

Client: State of Baden-Wuerttemberg through Ministry of Economic Affairs

Counterpart Organization: Servicio Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial (SENAI)

Project Duration: 01/1991 - 12/2004

In the Technology Center São José dos Pinhais near Curitiba, a model training college for the wood-processing industry is being established which is independent of enterprises. Apprentice training begins after basic training in the center and is continued afterwards in the businesses in the form of part-time lessons at the training center. 

In cooperation with the wood-processing industry, the center also contributes to know-how and technology transfer in this sector. For this reason, there exists specialized training for entrepreneurs and qualified employees as well as business consulting for weak-point areas. Furthermore, study, information and business visits including visits of trade fairs are organized for entrepreneurs.

Main Services Provided:

  • Establishment of a technology center
  • Equipping of a material testing laboratory
  • Training and further training of specialized teachers
  • Training of master craftsmen and apprentices
  • Training of upholsterers
  • Further training of skilled personnel
  • Business consulting
  • Organization of study, information and business visits for entrepreneurs