Training Center for Women

IP Wave

Country: Malawi

Client: Ministry of Economic Affairs of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg

Counterpart Organization: Phwezi Foundation for Education, Training and Development

Project Duration: 01/1999 - 12/2006

The project offers young women and girls the opportunity to acquire vocational training and qualification in a rural setting. Business start-up courses prepare graduates for self-sufficiency/self-employment.

The private sponsor, working without government assistance, finances the institution through the operation of production units set up as part of the project as well as through school fees.

Main Services Provided:

  • Competence-Based Training;
  • Skills Development;
  • Elaboration of a business plan;
  • Improvement of specialized practical aspects of training;
  • Operational organization consultancy;
  • Introduction of a department controlling system;
  • Personnel qualification in mid-level management;
  • Training of instructors in the field of home economics;
  • Elaboration of training material;
  • Consulting services and skills development with regard to: Textile and design, Garden cultivation and food processing and production, Secretarial services, Domestic household sciences, etc.