Urban Conflict Management

IP Wave

Country: South Africa

Client: German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)

Counterpart Organization: Department of Safety and Security

Project Duration: 03/2007 - 08/2010

The project is located where the fight against crime and violence, police work, municipal development meets the promotion of education and vocational training of youths. The project was originally developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was taken over by GTZ in 1999. In March 2007, GTZ entrusted IP Consult with the implementation of the project. It comprises two subject areas:

  • Prevention of crime and violence through voluntary peace workers, the so-called Community Peace Workers (CPW) who are employed in the communities to prevent and mediate conflicts.
  • Promotion of youths and employment. The CPW are supported in entering the labour market after their one-year voluntary service.

The project sites in three different provinces are selected urban agglomerations characterized by low income and a high potential for violence – i.e. social hotspots. 
The ongoing project phase until 2010 promotes the sustainable dissemination of the successfully tested approach, anchors this approach in local institutions and supports their adaptation to new sites.

Main Services Provided:


  • Training of youths to be Community Peace Workers
  • Support of youths in entering the labour market; up to now especially when it comes to taking up a job with the Metropolitan Police
  • Anchoring the approach in conflict management at local institutions and networks