Vocational Education Programme (BBPV) Pool of short-term Experts

IP Wave

Country: Vietnam

Client: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH

Counterpart Organization: Ministry of Education and Training (MoET)

Project Duration: 01/2003 - 12/2005

The objective of the Programme is to strengthen the efficiency of the vocational education system and to increase the employment opportunities of graduates. Within the framework of the Programme IP manages a pool of international experts. The services of IP include the coordination of tasks with GTZ, the identification of qualified experts, the deployment of the experts, logistic and professional support and reporting. The quality of vocational education is improved by means of consulting services concerning reforms within the vocational education system. Further means are the training and advanced training of vocational education personnel and the development of new vocational trainings. The cooperation with the industry is considered to be of major importance with respect to planning, implementation, evaluation and financing of vocational education.


  • Consulting services concerning reforms within the vocational education system
  • Technical training on the level of UAS (university of applied sciences) and train-ing of vocational trainers
  • Pilot measures to improve the quality of vocational training




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