Water Resources Management Reform Programme (Capacity Building MWRI)

IP Wave

Country: Egypt

Client: GIZ

Counterpart Organization: Training Sector Water Resources & Irrigation (TSWRI)

Project Duration: 05/2011 - 12/2011

The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irri-gation (MWRI) by means of a demand-oriented consulting service as well as other services in the field of management qualification for the target group of up-and-coming managers with re-gard to the changed political-social context. Due to the profound change in the structure of the political system in Egypt since February 2011, the strategic orientation of the MWRI and the training sector of water resources and irrigation (TWSRI) needs to be re-defined. The purpose of the project is to attain a stronger participation of the society and the water user organisations in the socio-political, economic and social challenges in the water sector. A conflict-free, balanced management and the efficient, sustainable use of the water resources are means to achieve these goals. In addition, consulting services are provided for a new orientation of the reform efforts at the MWRI and the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MALR).

Expected Results:

  • Development of three new management modules and provision of a top executive train-ing programme
  • Preparation of a study on the current qualification for personnel for integrated water re-source management and writing of a report on the lessons learnt regarding personnel qualification at the top executive level
  • Rendering of consulting services and support of the MWRI and the TSWRI regarding the implementation of the new strategy
  • Identification of starting points of the inter-ministerial personnel qualification of the MWRI and the MALR