Water Resources Management Reform Programme (Component 2: Training and Human Resource Development)

IP Wave

Country: Egypt

Client: GIZ

Counterpart Organization: Training Sector Water Resources & Irrigation (TSWRI), Project Management Unit for On-Farm Water Management (PMU), Executive Authority for Land Improvement Projects (EALIP)

Project Duration: 03/2012 - 06/2015

Value of Service: 1,208,000 €

Component 2 focuses on the specific support of the departments responsible for human re-source development (EALIP, PMU, TSWRI) of the MWRI (Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation) and the MALR (Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation). The two ministries to fill vacancies efficiently and thus to specifically allocate human resources based on compe-tence profiles. The introduction and establishment of efficient human resource planning will compensate for the upcoming alteration of generations in the management structure and safe-guard the staff requirements for a qualified Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM). A close connection to component 1 is supposed to guarantee the support of human resource development measures via an adequate institutional framework. In addition, the trainings mod-ules developed during the preliminary phase will be institutionalised and distributed and partner organisations will be further advised regarding their training management.


  • support with the development and introduction of a concept for human resource planning and development as well as regarding the required adaptation of the institutional framework to the new staff policy 
  • provision of consulting services regarding the preparation of competence profiles, career paths and career advancement measures
  • intensification, development and institutionalising of the cooperation of relevant organisations of vocational education and training in the irrigation sector
  • establishment of the TSWRI as accredited specialist institution for Human Resource Devel-opment (HRD) as well as strengthening of the PMU and EALIP regarding training and pro-ject management
  • development of concepts for consulting services provided to people using water and public authority staff in the fields of “on-farm improvement” and IWRM as well as dissemination of the demand-oriented consulting approach
  • institutionalisation of training modules, standardisation and certification of further education courses