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An Environment for Peace: Lessons learnt from the transformation of socio-environment conflicts in Colombia

Systematisation and dissemination of experiences and knowledge generated by its projects is a central concern for IP CONSULT. For three years the consortium IP CONSULT / Ambero was commissioned by the German Government via the GIZ to develop “Capacities for the constructive and sustainable management of natural resources and the environment” in the framework of the CERCAPAZ Programme in Colombia. During our involvement we have developed expertise which we wish to share with those working in the area of natural resource management or in the development of peace in Colombia and in other parts of the world. In the attached paper we highlight the lessons learned and propose recommendations for the continuity of the processes which are already underway, as well as for other similar processes which are to begin in the future. The interests around the use and benefits of natural resources and/or the environment as a whole can cause conflicts. This is why it has been a gratifying and enriching experience to work those conflicts in the framework of a peace building programme. We were able to ascertain that this topic is essential and can help to bring about more and better cohabitation and thus contribute to a culture of peace. We trust this publication is a contribution to the on-going development of more and better answers to complex issues surrounding the construction of peace.

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Fact Sheets for Climate Change Adaption in the Water Sector

IP Consult as a member of the joint WATER working group of German consulting companies and the GIZ elaborated 5 factsheets for the “Toolbox for Climate Change Adaptation in the Water Sector”. Various members of the working group have contributed to this toolbox as well. It holds 21 factsheets on a range of aspects of water resources management in the times of a changing climate e.g. on Climate Monitoring and Prediction, Sustainable Groundwater Management or Flood Sensitive Planning. Each factsheet provides an overview on the specific approach or topic, its advantages and challenges as well as hints on its application within the framework of development cooperation.

Brochure on Green Economy

This brochure describes the areas of activity and presents a selection of relevant case studies from German development cooperation. These were chosen from the range of German ReKomEnt member companies' work around the world. Two examples are provided by IP CONSULT. The case studies are divided into four areas: economic development and trade, agricultural development, management of natural resources, and climate protection and urban development. It is in the common interest of the working group to share the experiences available to us, disseminate successful advisory approaches and continue development of the underlying approaches as part of joint knowledge management.

Brochure on Regional and Municipal Development

As a member of the working group ReKomEnt (regional and municipal development), IP have contributed to a brochure with the title “Regions and Municipalities in Focus – Perspectives for Development Cooperations”. The working group consists of experts of German consulting companies and the German Agency for Technical Cooperation. The brochure provides an introduction to the subject "regional and municipal development within the framework of development cooperations" and thus fits in with 40 years of experience in implementing rural regional development projects. It refers to the current discourse concerning Good Governance and specifies starting points from which to take action.

Contact / further information: Dr Bernd C. Schmidt, Managing Director

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